New version (build 1.47) 11th march

Hi, we just uploaded a new build of the game, here are the major fixes and changes:

  1. [Bug] Fixed an issue with fit body where resources would be purged just before they were needed.
  2. [Bug] Fixed some translation-related issues with certain special characters, and hacked in a workaround for others. Mainly affects Portuguese.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug, most notable with aluminium body, where even if a resource was not needed for any car, slots would pre-order it (and eventually refund it).
  4. [Bug] Fixed bug where cars in showroom might seem invisible if you go straight to the showroom before a car of that body type has been drawn in the main world.
  5. [Balance] Increased scientists wages by 25%.
  6. [Balance] Doubled the cost of extra robot upgrades.
  7. [Bug] Fixed broken customer awareness achievement.
  8. [Balance] Quadrupled rubber cost, halved tire manufacture rubber requirements, doubled output and increased production time to make it less resource-hungry.
  9. [Bug] Fixed bug where marketing campaigns would persist in future games until the game was restarted.
  10. [Bug] Fixed crash bug which eventually resulted from placing a new slot on top of a queued car on an existing conveyor. (Resulted in corrupt saves).
  11. [Feature] A new blueprint placement mode allows you to plan a factory without spending any money, and then commit the purchase all at once.
  12. [Feature] Factory walls now have signs showing your company logo.

This coming week will be work on smaller footprint supply stockpiles, and then there will be no updates for a week due to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
I hope you like the new stuff, especially the blueprints, let me know if you think they need better explaining or some usability / GUI changes to make them more helpful.
Also expect a new youtube video about the changes coming later today :smiley:

Nice work Cliffski, loving the new company logo on the factory walls!

The Blueprints are looking good and i am loving the ability to place and that they include directional arrows.

I did pick up something small.

  1. Conveyors, all Facilities and Stockpiles still have a cost and actually are placed down as a functioning station in Blueprint mode whereas the Smart Junction and all other slots, including Manufacturing only places a blueprint.

The ‘Missing Features’ bug has also sadly returned, I have updated this in the Bugs.

Minor issues which are to be expected with an ambitious feature like this. Well done again Cliffski.

really stoked for smaller stockpile spaces. Can fill in those “Holes” on those odd shaped slots.

I don’t understand why we need smaller stockpile spaces. We already have plenty of space and this will just make the game even easier and take away some of the Tetris styled piece fitting. Unless I’m misconstruing what’s being changed?

Well I was thinking that they would not necessarily be any cheaper! I like the idea of paying a premium to fit a supply stockpile into a space where you normally would not be able to fit one. Its something a few people have mentioned, but obviously it will need researching, and cost money to place so there will hopefully not be a major impact on the games difficulty. I certainly dont want it to be viable for people to whack them down everywhere.