New version (scenarios!) 1.42

Released today. Changelist:

The big change in this build is support for freeplay (no financial worries or competition) and also for scenarios with fixed targets and timelines. Because I wanted to get a build out there with all the other GUI and balance tweaks in, the objectives GUI is not as polished as I would like, and right now only the first map in the game has a scenario, but all that will change with the next update.
Hope you like it! And if you do, positive steam reviews are really welcome, and obviously telling your friends about the game or tweeting / posting to facebook really helps us a lot too. Thanks for all your support and ideas!

Hello Cliffski,

Great Game with a lot of features, good job!
I’ve got a question, after updating the game to version 1.42, i’ve got some problems with loading my saved game. the game crashed at the last part ( recalculating variables ) , is there a small fix to solved this problem?




Great update!

Maybe it’s a idea to bring some sort of contract system in. Especially for the freegame mode. To give it some purpose, or goal.

Contracts of some sort would be nice. Special (company) orders or something. If you coming to a point where you have a good factory, there are not much goals anymore to keep going…

Where did you buy the game? the GoG version might be slightly out of date. Does this happen to all of the save games from the earlier version? basically we found a bug in loading old save games using build 1.42, and rushed out an update, but its still called version 1.42, so it might be worth grabbing the installer again (or letting steam auto-update) and trying again. GoGs version may not even be 1.42 yet.

I Bought the game at Steam ;), a few seconds ago I tried to load my saved game with success.
Thanks for your response.