New Video of GSB

If you have been trying to persuade your friends to try the explody goodness of GSB for themselves, here is a new video that may help.

Just a few things for feedback…

  1. The Imperial ship is nice but you over show it. You need to show more ships (like the Alliance/Rebels which hardly get even seen) and don’t spend so much time on a single ship. People have small attention spans - if you’re going to zoom in that far, at least show weapon turrets or tractor beams that actually chase targets better. Also pan around more (which it’d be nice to be able to zoom out more).

  2. I know it sounds silly but show more ships that are “linked” or the escort/protector/etc roles. This way people realize orders are more dynamic.

  3. For challenges, actually show the main challenge page (it’d also be nice to be able to view the response attempts to your challenge. Like if I send one to a friend, and he tries it, I get to see his attempt). Also a quick shot of the Fleet HQ page would be nice (people like unlocking stuff…maybe even add in achievements for battlefields).

Just trying to help :slight_smile:

Yes indeed, all very good points. The vids take ages to do, so I just need to find time to go back and redo bits of it like that. I tend to show more of the battles in videos because those get the initial eyeballs, then hopefully the game website and other information explains how the less visually exciting parts of the game work.

My only suggestion for a better video: in deployment screen just use some existing layout, add 1-2 ships, then add escort and/or set weapon distance and that’s it.

Otherwise - all GSB videos are great :smiley:

I threw a GSB video together:
I’m trying to make something that’s epic and has a bit of a storyline.
This was just a proof-of-concept. I plan to make a better one later.

It’s cool to see footage of the game alongside other music. Obviously during testing I listened to the real game music a LOT, so I often play the game with some other music blasting away in my headphones too.