New weapon: Limpet Mines

This would basically be a missile-style projectile that, when it hits the hul, instead of exploding, latches onto the target. It hangs there for a certain delay, slowing the ship with its weight. Then once its timer runs out, it explodes dealing damage directly to the armor, or to the hull modules if armor is exhausted.

Just a random thought that sounded possibly useful and probably not too difficult to implement. Would make for a decent race-specific kind of weapon too.

You swine.
I’ve had that on my secret list of cool things to add for ages.
That blew that surprise :smiley:
(It’s not done yet anyway)

Oink oink.

Sorry, it literally jumped into my head today based on all the threads about boarding pods I’ve been reading lately.

The fact that apparently you and I were thinking along the same lines either says something good about me or something not-so-good about you. :wink:

id like to see a module that will launch a missile that will generate a small proximity mine belt between it and any enemy, munition types inclu emp mines, anti fighter starburst/shrapnel mines and a shield overload/discharge mine.

limited munitions may be the key here … or not, bringing in mine belts(or asteroids for future alien races) would force players to design tanks for these scenarios

What’s the point of a gun that waits 'til next week to kill its target? He’s shooting at me right now.

I still remember Limpet Mines from Star Control 3. The Vux may not have been fast, but their limpet mines sure leveled the playing field! (In SC3 the limpet mines slowed the maneuverability of an enemy ship.)

I do like this idea. :smiley:

The idea would be that rather than a simple BOOM dealing damage, the mine adds weight to the target, slowing it down and making it easier for all your ships to shoot it in the meantime. Then BOOM.

exactly, a bit like a tractor beam, but one with a permenant effect

The permanent effect in this case being a compartment or two opened to space, if you’re lucky. Mwah ha ha. Or at the very least a gratuitously spectacular explosion.

What about floaty mines that either move towards targets slowly, or grab onto enemy vessels with mini-tractor-beams and haul themselves closer to go splode?

Of course, then we could work on mine sweeping modules.
Mine laying modules.
anti fighter mine ideas:
mini tractor beam to latch onto a fighter, adding just enough mass to make the fighter slow waaaay down, thus become a target for slow moving capital weapons)
mines that paint targets
mines that scramble tracking

ooh the possibilities.

Of course, im a n00b here so feel free to ignore this post. I have only played a few hours so far…


I’m programming limpet mines now.

When you add these can you create a new line in the module description that tells the mine NOT to attack fighters?

If you create such a line, can we then add it to other weapons so torpedoes, large “capital ship” guns, etc won’t similarly be wasted on fighters?