New Website

The website at:
Has been re-designed. I know that FAQ and About point to the same page, but apart from that, if you spot any dead links or anything weird about it, let me know because I’ve only just converted it so I probably screwed some stuff up :smiley: I think the new site looks way better.

looks very cool

The link to “fully illustrated” in the lower right corner just goes to I assume this should go to the designer’s website or something.


picks self off the floor

WOW! Cliffski that new site floored me!!!

Now that is a Gratuitous web site! ! !

Lone Starr

Looking awesome. Somehow even after seeing how flat the Puma was, I was surprised to see how flat that Tribe frigate was.

(Flat like a pancake)

Edit: Also, seeing that really made me want to try making a dynamic scene or two.

Ooh. I like it.

Two of the screenshots link to the wrong picture (they’re reversed). The middle one on the left is switched with the middle one on the right.

456 - 4 and 6 are switched.

Very impressive! one small look nitpick though: the buttons on the DLC screen look very generic and out of place.

Now i want my GSB interface to look as cool >.<

Very impressive!

yup I need to up my game on those old buttons :smiley:

Loving the ships at the top. After seeing that I realized that A. I would love to have that as a desktop background and B. I’d probably pay money for a GSB art book

Looks awesome Cliff, money well spent
I must admit i really like the background with all the ships . . . any chance of some desktop wallpaper ?

Damn Brilliant Mate

Too bad that when you type GSB in google it is nowhere to be found.
I told you that Gratuitous Space Battles is not a good title, especially for the future of it. It sounds too self-deprecatory besides being too unwieldy.

… When I typed “GSB” into the Google search bar, Gratuitous Space Battles was at the bottom of the first page of results. Not as good as being at the top, sure, but certainly not hard to find.

If you Google the Full Name its Different
its on the Top of the Page

It was at the end of the second page for me, but it wouldn’t be worth it to chance the name now.