Absolutely love this game. The concept is sheer genius.

Cliff, buy yourself a beer on me.

OK, who was the hero in Star Wars was a question to ensure I wasn’t a bot. I said Obi Wan, then I said Han Solo. Luke? Really?

Let’s say a 40 ish yr old guy, like myself, who is a computer idiot was to DL the dreadnaught mod. It takes me an hr to figure out where to put it even reading the instructions. Now, let’s say my dreadnaught is a giant white square?

I do love this game. It gives me the joy of Total War epic battles without all the trade and diplomacy nonsense. The game has the best name ever.

Happy to spend my mid-life crisis destroying spacecraft.


Hahaha, I posted in General.

Darkstar, you are on top of it.

Hey, its what i do :wink:

Anyways, G’Day Vek and welcome to the forums.

Ah, the good ol bot question, without it we would be drowning in spam

As you are new around here I will give you the 5 cent tour.

First of we are in the General Forum, it is in here you are free to talk about GSB in General. In here you will find useful information as ideal ship designs and diarys of various space admirals as they conquer the various systems.

Next area of note is the Modding section where you have already been through to acquire the dreadnaught Mod, be sure to stop and savour the history that was presented as it represents some of the finest lore this side of the quadrant.

In the event that you need mod assistance, it would be best to contact a member of the Friendly Community Mod Squad throught the modding forum as the support on a few of the mods have discontinued. (and the support forum is for the vanilla game)

Should you feel up for a challenge and wish to test your mettle then there is no better place than the Challenges and Tournaments

May your Battles be Gratuitous

Thanks Darkstar.

I did add some subforum stuff. It was more in a way to explain where I was in the game.

My tactics are pretty much heavy cruisers and fighters.

My pc speed and memory would require a Saint to sit through the lag in a challenge match.

I’m kinda amazed the game is this old and I didn’t here of it. I played CC3(close Combat 3): and it’s many mods in the last decade online. This game reminds me of that one, CC3 is amazing.

I’ll try to post in the appropriate subforum in the future.

I should clarify, the Support forum is mainly for the Support of the vanilla game.
Any errors you have with the various mods - really should be placed in the modding fourm.
(which I already have done)

I feel your pain - Pentium III pain.

I never heard of CC3 :stuck_out_tongue:

What about Close Combat V? The Normandy campaign? Wasn’t too keen on The Russian Front, preferred #2, a bridge too far over, it it.

Thanks for making me feel old. Next you’ll tell me about playing M.U.L.E.

Benny, CC3 had many mods. Finno/russian mod, Vietnam mod, Great war mod, Western front mod. Pcific mod, etc etc.

The main comparison with GSB is the playability.

Definitely wish for a proper Close Combat series reboot. One of the best real-time strategy games I have played.

sorry i had too


I’m not the only newcomer to GSB.

Welcome. Nice to meet you.

Thanks for the welcomes all.