Newbie - Earning Money & Earning Status

I’ve made it here to the official forums of Rock Legend. First, the game is very cool. I spent the hour demo’ing and immediately made the purchase from the game prompt “BUY IT”. Zero regrets but do have a few issues that could help me make the best of my new purchase. The designers did a wonderful job. Second, I have some suggestions that i’ll post later in a few days after I get more acquainted to the game and layout.

Now the question(s):

  1. I am starting with very little money. I have developed two different bands and find myself never making money. We always seem to hover around $65 in our account. Thus, I can never buy them their toys, needed gear, rigging, record an album, etc. I have spent over an hour reading tons of postings and have learned a great deal. However, I guess i’m not seeing anything specific to my question or my situation with little funds when I start. I have made it to 7 years and got up to $130. That’s the first question.

  2. I bought T-Shirts and the shirt picture (icon) is on my main band page. But, when I have gigs I don’t see that I have them available for sale. It’s likely i’m doing something wrong. So, i’m asking for some assistance.

  3. I can’t get past a bar offering 25 seats and the bar offering 40 seats. I think i’m missing the fun of this game but this ties into question #1 above. I look forward to your replies.

  4. As others have stated, I do not see any relaxation time at a bar offered. All I see is a microphone and it says something like, “Take the day off, yeah you have writing to do, so relax, skip it.” Something like that. Where is an option to hang out with my band mates? Some have said there is an option to go to a bar and hang out. I need to build more friendships with them. I want to see how that helps the band’s moral. I just downloaded it 2/11/08, from the demo’s direct link, so I think i’m on the newest version.

Most Respectfully,

Hi, if the games bought direct from me, and the PC version, it should have a choice of relaxation options. Basically some are more effective, but cost more. The trick at the start is to not overstretch the band to play big empty venues, and to make the most of merchandising. Also, rehearse for free whenever you can. Don’t worry about buying flash toys for the band at the start.
You automatically have t-shirts for sale as long as you have any. Check that they aren’t all sold out. If the gig goes well, you should sell some.
If you are selling out the smaller venues, it’s time to book some bigger ones, but beyond a certain level you will need a van to get there, and a manager to help book them.
The key is to get people to the gigs, because that makes cash both from tickets and merchandise. make sure you give out leaflets and do posters beforehand. Posters last longer, so leave the leaflets till a few days beforehand, and always sneak in a last minute rehearsal.