Newbie: Installing Mods

As you see Ive bought the game and would like to install the inflation mod, but my question is how do I install it, there is no set up program, so where do I unzip it all to? Also can I install it then go back to my current game?

it depends how the mod is made, but generally they are unzipped into the folders inside your mydocuments/democracy2/mods directory. You can see the existing (mostly empty) folders there, and most mods simply stick extra files in those directories. If you wish to remove a mod, you need to delete the files associated with it. Note that save games from when a mod was installed may not work if you then remove those modded files.

It’s not one of my mods, but I’ve had a look at it.

Unfortuantely, this mod was done a while ago when it wasn’t as easy to mod Democracy 2, and so the instructions are complicated, and I can see why you are having trouble with it. I forget who the author of this mod is, but I wonder if they would mind me reorganising this mod and adding an auto-installer to make it a lot easier to install?

As for now, I wonder if you would mind me giving you alternative instructions to those included with the mod. Bearing in mind the changes that have been made to the game since that mod was done, I would recommend you follow these rather than those included with the mod (one of the advantages of following these is that it makes it easier to uninstall the mod or parts of it, whereas the instructions given with the mod require the overwriting and changing of key game files):

  1. Have open the folder that you downloaded with the mod in it.
  2. Open up your “My Documents” folder (you should find this on your desktop), then go into “democracy2”, then into “mods” then “data” then “simulation” then “policies”
  3. Copy the following four text files from the folder that you downloaded into the policies folder: closed economy.txt, keynesianism.txt, corporatism.txt, and interestrates.txt
  4. Now go back up a level from the “policies” folder and into the “events” folder. Copy the file hyperinflation.txt into this folder.
  5. Now again up a level and into “dilemmas”. Copy the file lending issue.txt into here.
  6. Now up two levels (so that you’re in the “data” folder) and go into the “sliders” folder. Create a new text file (right click -> new -> text document) called “closedeconomy”. Copy the following line into it:

Save and close it. Now create another new text file, called “interestrates”, and copy into it the following line:

#,interestrates,0,NONE, FIXED, FLOATING (CAN CHANGE)

Save and close.

  1. Go up a level then go into the “situations” folder. Create a new text file called inflation. Copy and paste into the following line:
#,_Inflation,Inflation,"Measures the rising price of goods and services in your country. A small inflation rate is normal, but when inflation gets out of control, it can be followed by poverty, and, in the worst cases, a lack of trade with your nation. A high inflation rate is despised by everybody, especially the wealthy and capitalists.",ECONOMY,0.4,0,1,1,,#,"Capitalist,0.4-(0.7*x)","InternationalTrade,0.6-(1.0*x)","WorkingWeek,0+(0.1*x)","AverageIncome,0+(0.2*x)","_All_,0-(0.05*x)","Wealthy,0.1-(0.05*x)",

Save and close.

  1. Finally, go up a level and go into the “bitmaps” folder. Copy the .dds files (all the ones starting icons_) into here.

As I say, it’s not my mod, but what I’ve done above is just to convert the instructions included with the mod into instructions more suited for the latest version of the game. As I said above, I hope that the author of this mod will adapt the mod to take account of the latest version of the game or allow me to do so on his behalf, as I know this is a popular mod, and it seems a shame for it to have what are now unnecessarily complex instructions.

Okay, done the first 7 steps but on no.8 do you mean for me to paste them onto the forums or…?

No, into the “bitmaps” folder - My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\bitmaps

Okay ive done all that but when I launch I get a crash with the ERROR message:


EDIT: I seem very nooby here but the forum wont let me post the problem, everytime I post the line with the error message I cant submit this post…? Even in code.

Well, heres it with spaces

cant findspace**underlineInflationspaceinspaceclosed economy:.backslashSourceCodebackslashSIMunderlinePolicydotcppspace519

Oops… I think I misled you… sorry about that.

I told you to create a text file called inflation in the directory My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\situations

This was the wrong location. Could you cut and paste it (make sure you don’t leave it in the situations folder) into the My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\simulation\simulation folder?

I hope that works out.

Works perfectly, thanks alot!