Newbie question

Hey, I bought the game some tima ago via paypal, and downloaded it from a link in the email I got. Where/ho can I get patches?

The game automatically checks for patches every 24 hours. If one is available it will download and install it. If you’re at version 1.40 then your copy is up to date.

If for whatever reason you’re not at 1.40, and it hasn’t updated today then you can go back to the email you got after buying the game and re-download the game. This download will always be up to date. You just uninstall the game, and install the updated one. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress in the game either because all that information is stored in the My Games folder of your Documents, and none of it is removed when the game is uninstalled.

It will only update if you have entered the code though.

I hadn’t realized that. I’ve been playing since the beta, and I entered my key on the day I got it so I never had any problems with that.

Either way re-downloading the installer will give him the most recent version.