Newest update completlly broke my game.

The newest update completlly broke my game.

I tried to reinstall the game 3x times.

Whenever i use the english version of the game the font is broken: and the game loads every turn for 5 minutes. Before the update it was a couple of seconds. Also when i get to the end of the term, the game just crashes.

When i tried to use my native language, eg. Polish. The game seemed fine. Font was normall, there were some bugs due to missing translation, but still the game crashed at the end of my term, for no reason.

Any idea why?

Also i forgot to add that i also tried to clean the Democracy 3 files from C:

Hi, what do you mean by the font being broken? The game uses your own system fonts, so if you play in a different language to your operating system there may be issues unless you have the language pack for that language installed.

Here a screen:

The english one was like the polish one before the update.
It is different but is barelly visiblle. Also text seem to be misplaced in the english version, when before the update it was all K.

Also the loading speed is a problem somehow the english version after update loads extra slow.

It looks like the voter name alignment is left in stead of center, but other than that I cant see a difference. Are you running the game on a fairly low-spec PC?

AMD A8-4500M APU Radeon HD 1.9 GHZ X4
AMD Radeon 7640G + HD 7600M Dual Graphics
8GB RAM 800MHz

Not really low, but it worked good before. Idk. then maybe it is a system problem rather then the update fault.

Ok now im confused after my 5th try of reinstalling completlly the game (using the Steam delete button and manually deleting files from C:/Documents) and also tried to use this steam option the english version started to wrok normally?!? but like why? and why it didn;t work with the 4 other reinstal ltries. I guess malice of inanimate objects was the reason.?!?!