newly paid game: online code invalid ???

Hi, I just bought the deluxe Mac version of GSB (off the main site), but when I type the online code in (after clicking the “online” tab) the only response I get is “code invalid!”. I would like to download and play the campaign version - the main thing that interests me here, but I suspect without the online stuff it might not work.

I previously downloaded the demo and had no problem playing. Any ideas ?

Hell, I want to play so much I’m going to buy the campaign game anyway and see if I can get the damn thing working…

Right I’ve bought and downloaded the Campaign game and the activation code doesn’t work either - it just tells me to contact tech support. It’s one of those days… Is redmarblegames screwing up or maybe I am being mindbogglingly stupid about something. Either way it is incredibly frustrating for an old school hardcore wargamer like myself who needs to conquer at least one galaxy a week to conserve sanity.

Any help welcome…

Damn I’ve just noticed I am on the wrong support forum - it really IS one of those days lol