News Flash

It would be nice to pause the game when a pop-up is open.

I would say the icon for the other company’s new products and the news flash need to be different, but I’d actually like the news flash to scroll across the bottom of the screen 2 or 3 times, like school closings or a stock market ticker with a simpler message instead of a story. I don’t feel the news flash of current events warrants a pop-up. Like, “Anti-depressants expected to rise 23% next quarter according to the newest study.”, or “Gelatinous Cloud Fruit Sap from the bora bora tree expected to fall drastically due to extreme drought - expected to last until next year.” I just want the info and get out.

I also feel like I’m missing something - is there a log of what is happening world wide for these effects that we’re notified of? Sometimes, I’m right in the middle of making a complicated line and I click on the icon that tells me what is happening and I don’t want to read it right away, so I close it and go back to the line that I’m making. When I get done, I try and remember if it was going to affect me or not.

Oh and the “Research” button might better be described as “Tech” or “Technology”. Research seems too broad, because we’re researching plants as well.

If you select a cure on the cures tab and hover over the “Number of sufferers” it will list the effects of any events currently changing the number, but does not show any historic information.

In honesty I think the whole event system could use a revamp. I’m tempted to move towards a quarterly summary message which lists all the big stuff that’s happened over the last quarter and how you are comparing to your competitors. It would also be cool if there was a way to look back the history of a particular cure and see all the events that have affected it over the game.