Next Slot Requirements not met (fit roof)

Hi,this problem seems to have only developed since re-loading the game. There has been an update since. I’m getting this message. Ive checked that the line is complete and as far as i can tell it is. It worked before. Screenshot hopefully attached if I’ve done it right!

Thanks in advance.

Can anyone help? Just to clarify, the line goes:
Chassis assemble
Fit bodyframe
Fit Roof
Fit Doors
Paint Undercoat … and so on.

It’s getting stuck at Fit Roof. Do I need a second Fit Roof after it? The sequence has been followed as it is in the slots as you build them, and I haven’t added any technology yet. It’s as simple as it gets but just won’t work!


I also encountered this error twice after reloading the game. The location of the error message on the factory floor can be far off and therefore confusing! Try deleting the CARS (including underlying conveyors) that are waiting before the slot mentioned in the error message (in this case: the cars stuck before the fit roof slot), then rebuild the underlying conveyor. I managed to get things going again by doing this.

As a last resort, delete the fit roof slot including the car waiting in it, then rebuild slot.

Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll give it a try. I’ve already deleted and replaced the fit roof and fit doors slot but I’ll try deleting the whole run.

Ok, managed to fix it but it’s cost a fortune. Had to delete three stages and conveyors including cars on them to get it working. Also had each slot maxed out with extra robots so taken a really big hit financially but all working again. Hopefully it won’t come back between save games.

That’s good news anyway…