Next update - Control and quality of life

Hi guys, I’ve finally had a chance today to go through all of your feedback and have a look at what changes I want to make in the next couple of updates.

I’ve made my priorities based on ease/speed of implementation as well the number of people requesting these things.

I’ve decided the next update, ETA 24/06/15 is going to concentrate on control and quality of life.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Overhauling the spread of controls over the mouse to avoid accidental deletion of machines
  • Rebindable keys
  • Control options like edge scroll speed, zoom speed, which mouse button is used for pan… the list goes on
  • Product naming options including auto-naming and pause-on-name
  • A host of other little tweaks based on your feedback
  • … and if there’s time, maybe a couple of other surprises :wink:

The update after this one will focus on balance and improved gameplay. I will release more details after this patch is safely out and bug free.

Keep pharmacising!

Sounds like a good update to get out soon.

Will do. :slight_smile:

Appreciate you keeping us informed. Looking forward to checking out your hard work.

Newcomer here!

Glad to see the game is well and alive, getting frequent updates and listening to the players. Brilliant!
I would like to introduce myself to the community, but I just have to keep playing the game, sorry! :smiley:

For anyone who wants more details on this patch…check out the video: