Next update - crossroads and AI improvements

The next update will come out this Thursday, 9th July

Here’s what to expect:

  • 4-way belts. These can be crossroads, 1->3 splitter or 3->1 merger.
  • Each company now starts with a random selection of starting ingredients. All ingredients are shared but it diversifies the starting pool of cures more.
  • Loan sizes increase as game goes on, interest rates increase with existing debt.
  • Improved AI.
  • Changed a number of challenges so that they are fixed time, but require greater numbers to achieve expert and master rankings.

Once again, these updates are heavily based on feedback given on this very forum. The idea of this update was to improve the existing core gameplay before adding additional features.

One of the high priorities was to increase the involvement of the AI and maintain the competition element that dominates the early game, into the mid and late game too. This will in turn increase the effectiveness and necessity of patents which will be added in a later update.


That will be great. As it is, the two starting ingredients get hammered with oversaturation right away because you have 4 different companies all trying to make a profit on the same two cures. XD

Does this mean that the starting loans are smaller? I often like to take out smaller loans at the start of the game, so if this means that you start off with smaller loans, I’m all for it.

Soon our robot overlords shall rise and use super-effective male contraceptives to wipe out the human race.

That will definitely be nice. As it is, I have never used the Hadron Collider and barely used the other high level machines since I’ve been too busy trying to solve the scenarios quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Are commas in this next update? >.<

haha, I second that. Its hard to tell what is a million and what is 100k.

But do you write 1 million as 1,000,000 or 1.000.000? :stuck_out_tongue:

depends on where you life…

But Big Pharma doesn’t know where you live. :wink: Although considering Tim is British (pretty sure) he’d write it with commas, same as here in the US. So that’s probably how it will be in the game if he does add separators.

Awww… But that’s how I managed to bankrupt the AI companies. :stuck_out_tongue: