Nice game, pesky assasins!

Just posting to say thanks for a really cool game, havent had so much fun with a turn based game in a while. There I was, thinking I was powering towards my socialist utopia, laughing at the puny capitalists and their complaints…
And then they assasinated me.
I guess next time round I’ll have to be less fundamentalist about how I run the country! I presume that if I throw the cpitalists a bone now and then, I can prevent the assasination attempts? Or is there another way to stay in power whilst REALLY upsetting one group?
Cheers for a great game anyway,

Same here, in a half a term I’m well on my way to creating a utopia - almost everyone happy and then the religious organise a coup against me.

The trick is to take it slowwwwww. You cant eradicate religion overnight :smiley: if you lower it sloly without antagonising them all at once, you can achieve a secular society.
The assasinations are an essential part of game balance, although they do annoy a few people. We are considering making them optional in a future version, although be aware that may make the game too easy…

that’s right, slow and steady is the key. I guess that’s why it’s called democracy, not totalitarian state

Assasinations are hardly that realistic. I don’t see anyone trying to do in Blair yet, what with the lying and spin he’s got to have annoyed more than just me.

Hi GCHQ 8)

true, but there must be a tipping point? say hospitals and schools were shut, and the army budget tripled, you had creationism taught in all schools, tax cuts for the rich, the scrapping of unemployment benefit and housing benefit, the scarpping of disability benefit and abolition of jury trials.
Would there be an assasination attempt then? its possible. Blair hasn’t (quite) pushed any group to that extreme yet.
And of course the opposite is true. There was a program on british TV about military plans for a coup when Harold Wilson was PM. it can happen.

Harold Wilson is a bit before my time, so I have no idea what his reign was like.

Yes, but I’m not in America am I where most the above is presently happening? :smiling_imp:
Don’t see Cheney as President (that’s something I guess! :confused: )

Even bush hasn’t gone that far (although there are probably plenty of crazies that plot his death)

If Bush scrapped public health and education (rather than just cuts to its budget) I don’t think he’d be around for long!

all true, but i got assasinated in australia by the patriots, and i got a car bomb in canada by religious folk and then my party couped on me and through me out of power. Ive only had the game 2 days. Germany is easy. Only 5 trillion $ of debt and the people only want more. lol

Yes it can be really hard to please those minorities but thats just the way it goes. I usually tend to piss off the liberals (like every game the bar goes empty. lol), the wealthy (in the red usually), the religious people (usually in the red but I haven’t pissed them off to the point that they want to kill you) and the capitalists (sometimes in the red). I can understand why the wealthy and capitalists would have reason to hate me but the religious people get so angry whenever you accept same sex marriage or allow “blasphemy books”.

I mean come on. It’s like they want their religion to dictate everything that goes on in the state. :laughing: (no difference in real life) In the future I should probably choose to ban same-sex marriage (when opted with that option) so that only the liberals get pissed off (and I always manage to piss them off anyway). But yeah… you can’t do things on conscience but that’s how the political game works. The reason why politicians are liars/corrupt is because they have to pander to certain “interest groups” at times.

sooo true. now im wondering if smokers, drinkers, and moterists can assasinate you? ive only had the liberals, religius, and patriots kill me. blaa, it hapans so often and almost always right after an election.

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socialists and capitalists can get you too!