Nice new review

This is a video review of GSB, quite nice and in depth if you want a good way to persuade friends to buy a copy :smiley:

I read a few linked to from Blue’s News as well. I hope the positive reviews translate into sales for you.

That was a nice review, haven’t seen much of them though.

Nice review. They have some really nice 8-bit music in the background too.

I just so hate it when people call this a “Tower defence like” game. There is very little similar to real tower defence game.

You aren’t placing your defences while game goes on, there isn’t a path which enemy takes to get to you, there isn’t anything you can lose to enemy and there isn’t anything which enemy tries to get/take away from you.

It’s just annoying when people say that. It’s like saying WOW is similar to racing game.

Yeah, I’ve seen GSB and ‘tower defense’ together, and disliked the comparison as well. It’s like calling a technical combat flight simulator a first-person shooter.

Great review, though!