Nitpickey bugs.

First, I’d like to say that this is a great game even in it’s beta state.
I’m sure that some of these bugs have been logged before…


  • Ship/Fleet Naming - Holding down shift for an extended period causes the first keyboard character typed to show up multiple times. (ie. when naming a ship/fleet, just hold shift for like 3-5 seconds, then tap ‘A’ will result in “AAAA”.)

  • Ship/Fleet Naming - Saved names only appear in lower case.

  • Ship Deployment - Highlighting a ship (using click+drag box) or multiple ships does not actually select them, the user will have to manually click on a ship before the orders/ship display box will update. This is the most annoying bug I’ve found so far, as I often end up changing orders for a ship that I didn’t mean to select.

  • Ship Deployment - User should be able to hold down a keyboard key (shift?) in order to manually select multiple ships.

  • Ships with surge protector equipped can still be affected by surge weapons.

  • I’ve noticed friendly ships still fire at cloaked enemy ships, although I don’t think they are doing any damage.

  • I’m not sure if this is in the game or not, but there does not seem to be any way to delete a ship design or fleet layout.

Nice to have:

  • Being able to copy/clone/paste ships along with orders in the fleet deployment screen.

  • Being able to move any popup windows such as tutorial info, orders window, etc.

  • When issuing an escort order, it would be nice if the user was able to set the leash distance manually.

  • An undo button in fleet deployment screen.

  • An order so ships can avoid firing on specific ships or class of ships. If I have a big cruiser with only megaton missiles, I should be able to tell it not to waste time trying to shoot down fighters. Even with the engage fighters order deleted, they still do.

  • Would be very nice to show crew & cost of ships on the actual ship icon in the fleet deployment screen.

  • Allow user to click anywhere on a slider bar to instantly set slider to that position. Instead of having to click and drag every time.

  • A hotkey to be able to quickly set formation or escort order.

Anyways, keep up the good work!

I’ve noticed these bugs as well and they are behaviours that are counter intuitive to the player so should defiantly be addressed as a priority.
Also, correct me if I’m wrong but I think that hit chances are calculated when the weapon is fired rather than when the weapon hits so for things like missiles that take a long time to get places it seems a bit odd when a cloaked ship is still hit by them and how the target painting laser doesn’t seem to affect missiles already in flight when it kind of should. Currently cloaking isn’t very useful as ships still get destroyed when it’s active and it activates at odd times.