No confirmation email

Hi i bought the game last night and i have not received a email with the download code/activation code, could you please help me.


there are some other postings related the ordering process at humble.
As others mentioned humble may try to do a test charge (just few cents) to acknowledge the credit card as payment.
This procedure may slow down the whole process. After finishing your buy you should have received an email: either your order confirmation or the request to confirm your email.
The request to confirm your email may slow down the process at it’s own but will ensure you to receive the download link and/or produrct key later.

Kind regards

Also worth checking spam and/or using the order-resender:

Okay thank you for the speedy response hope everything goes great with the game

Would it still work if i placed the order from your web page for production line or would that be different?
Also i checked all my folders and sub folders to make sure i haven`t missed it anywhere in my email.

Hi, we use the humble widget on our site, thats why you can trigger a re-send through their order resender.