No further development?

I’m seeing several posts (including mine) about bugs persisting in 1.03–and no response from Mitu. Are we to assume that development has concluded on Redshirt?

Not at all! I’ve been talking to some players via email regarding the critical game-breaking-post-away-mission bug to get that fixed as a priority (this has been addressed now, though anyone else experiencing it should still contact me!) There’s a couple of smaller bug fixes which have been addressed too – I’m also adding an ‘endless’ mode to the game as an alternative to the ‘story’ mode, as has been requested by a few players.

Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been trying to make sure the majority of outstanding issues get addressed in the forthcoming update, all in one go. :slight_smile:

So the very annoying bug I mentioned in this thread came in too late for 1.04, since it was only two weeks ago? When it happened three times in my last game, I quit playing, since I got tired of relationship-based events being offered to my character after I’d spent all his daily points that I had no chance to affect–and ended up lowering those same relationship values so seriously (-25).

I’m pleased that an endless mode has been added, but this bug is really frustrating. Will there be an update that addresses this?