No Icons...


I can never see the icons when I play, even my mouse is a mouse inside a black box. I can still play and it’s fun, but it’s taking something away from the game you know? so I was wondering if there was any help out there. please.

Hi, this is almost certainly a video driver bug, do you have the latest drivers for your card?

I don’t even think they make drivers for my video card anymore :blush:,

but I’m not sure if that is the issue. for example: same exact thing in Kudos rock legend. cursor in the black box, song making screen all messed up, can’t do music minigame easily, no icons etc. etc. BUT, if I click on no full screen mode (in opinions,) the fullscreen doesn’t go away. instead it pretty much fixes everything, except now I can’t see portraits. all the character portraits are whited out, and when I go to recruit new members, where I have an already existing member It show’s nothing. needless to say I prefer playing like this.

this is why I’m not sure if it’s a drivers issue.

I bet you have an intel video card? Am I right?