No idea how to begin modding...

So, I recently bought Kudos 2, a game which I thought lost to the sands of time for years now, and I’m glad it was as every bit as fun and engaging as it was when I played it in the past. However, I wanted to mod the game (I always lamented the fact that there wasn’t any more choices for things like restaurants and languages to learn), but all the posts I saw on the forums that I needed to go to folders that I don’t seem to have in my Kudos 2 files. All I have are the avatars, mods, and savegames, as well as text documents reading “hints”, “player_actions” and “player_options”. Am I missing something, or is this normal? I realize this game is pretty ancient, and these forums are all but deserted, but may someone please help a newbie Kudosian!

Hi friend! You are actually in the wrong folder!

If your game is setup like mine, you will have TWO Kudos 2 folders. The one your referring to is in my Games Folder because that’s where things like saves go. However, there’s a second Kudos 2 folder where you will find all the data for the game. Look in your My documents folder… that’s where mine is.

Other option is just hit the Windows Key and “S” key at the same time to pull up search and type in “Kudos 2”. You should see two folders come up, and try each one to determine which is the one with the game data.

Good luck!