No key via Impulse?


Great game. Just bought it yesterday via Impulse (incl. expansion pack) and I’m very enjoying it.

I tried to register online, therefore I need to enter my key. The problem is, that I received a confirmation email from Impulse with a “Serial Number” in it (and only for the expansion pack, the base game didn’t have one). But this doesn’t seem to be the same as the key you have to enter in the registration. The number that I got was 36 digits long (xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx) which does not fit in the field. So I figuered it’s not the correct number. Sadly I haven’t received any shorter number or email. Impulse itself does not contain this number anywhere.

Is this a problem with Impulse or can you help me in any way?

Never mind. Just figuered it out.

When the game is installed under Impulse, right click the main game (not expansion pack, that was my error before) and select “View Registration”. The number provided is the key.

Man, they make it harder and harder these days to just lookup your key. Why don’t they send it via mail?