No more Mac updates? still has the Mac version of GSB2 way back at 1.35, while the Windows version has moved all the way up to 1.39. I assumed that was once again being slow to update the Mac version, so I finally got tired of waiting and wrote to them to ask, but they said that “the developer has not made a 1.39 version for the Mac”. So what is the story here?

As already mentioned here, same applies for Linux… :frowning:

I’ve tried ever so hard to be patient, waiting for a Mac version that works. I wander the near-deserted challenge halls of GSB-Original, playing the old game, wishing I could actually play GSB2. Every now and then I snap and think “THIS time, I bet I can open GSB2 up and play a full battle!” But no. Within seconds of obeying “Press any Key to Fight”, the game crashes and I’m left looking at “GSB2 quit unexpectedly. Do you wish to notify Apple?”

And I come here to see the other kids complaining about bugs like “All the text is right justified” that need immediate addressing.

The lessons in patience available here should be snapped up by various Zen meditation classes for their advanced levels.

Yesterday I was so frustrated with the situation that I tried to go the GSB way to fire up GSB2 (read: run it in Wine), but GSB2 crashes on the first screen with a white rectangle on black.

Sad to say, GSB on Wine had (for me) less problems than GSB2 natively :frowning:

WELL, it’s been a month since I posted my little note about patience. And that was after a month of being patient. My fucking patience is gone.

No replies, no remarks, no comments from Positech. Any platitude about burning the midnight oil on making a working Mac version would go a long way to keeping my blood pressure down. But, not a peep. If there is any post on these boards, I can’t find it. And the recent email newsletter had no mention of new versions or updates.

I guess I’m going to assume that I was conned into donating $25 to the “Positech Pizza Fund” and that’s all I’m getting for my money.

To be honest, I have pretty much been feeling the same way … which is that I was “taken for a fool”.

My one shred of remaining hope is that a few weeks ago there was a post on the forum about the developer currently being on vacation, so I suppose that at least leaves open the possibility that said vacation is the reason for the continuing silence. Although it sure seems like it has been a long vacation, and one that for some reason started for the Mac version long before it started for the Windows version. I know that European nations are sort of famous for people being able to take month-long vacations every six months or so … perhaps I just wasn’t aware that, when it comes to Mac versions, the standard is for three month vacations. :slight_smile:

I will add this: three months ago I had been looking at some of the other Positech games as potential additional purchases, but that is now off the table. It’s the old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

I guess >1 week no answer is enough indication that the suspected updates will not come anymore…

I bought GSB and was very pleased, I bought GSB2 and was pleased at first despite the technical bugs (not even mentioning balancing issues), but this declined with each not-update I was not given and I hoped would remove my technical issues; I was thinking about buying Big Pharma and also saw that news about Shadowhand which made me curious.
But I have to say, currently I am deeply resisting buying anything right now. Sorry.