No Mouse

Just installed the DEMO of GSB, and don’t seem to have a mouse in order to navigate the menus.
I see menus, I hear the music, but moving my mouse around does absolutely nothing as far as I can see

Running a win7 quad core if it matters

More info here, Vid Card is a ATI Radeon HD 6530D w/512 dedicated and 1.4 shared
Screen res is set to 1900x1080

When moving mouse I see nothing no roll over effects or anything like that. Alt tabbing I get my mouse in win, but not game.

Just a suggestion, could you try the following:

Navigate to my documents\games\GratuitousSpaceBattles
Within that folder should be prefs.ini

When you open the file it will look something like this

[prefs] width = 1900 height = 1080 windowed = 0 sound_channels = 512

Edit the file so it looks something like this

[prefs] width = 1024 height = 768 windowed = 1 sound_channels = 512

Run GSB again
In theory this will run the game in a windowed mode, my theory is that at the lower resolution you will now have a cursor. . . in theory