No point to shields


I really don’t get the weapon and component balance in this version of GSB. There seems to be no reason to equip shields any more, since there are multiple weapons available for everything from gunships to dreadnoughts which will strip shields off any hull, even if there are multiple generators, in mere seconds. It seems like it’s far more useful to assign that power to bigger weapons and use the component slots to stack more armor instead.


looks like multiwarhead is OP right now, hope cliff fixes that


weapons with higher shield penetration should have other weaknesses, meaning it still makes sense to have a diverse spread of weapons. Is this not the case from your POV?
And you are saying that the cruiser multi warhead missile is overpowered?


err… huh

how did this comment end up here…

I must have been meaning to respond to another thread? Maybe?

forget I said that, possible to delete post?


Ha, I can do, but is it still a live issue?


haven’t unlocked it yet, saw a post (which I can’t find again for some reason) that said something about the multiwarhead applying damage 5 times and each warhead has comparable damage to a normal missile. idk if that’s really the case though


Yeah it was, I’ve nerfed it for the next patch. Enjoy it while it lasts!


There are more concerns than just multi-warhead missiles. Two that come to mind are gunship bombs, and lightning beams. A flight of gunships can strip shields off a dreadnought in a single bombing run. Lightning beams are not quite as egregious but still tend to completely eliminate shields in just a few hits. There may be other weapons that are as bad, but unlike the original GSB, I frequently can’t tell what weapon is doing what in GSB2 battles.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be weapons that counter shields, I’m just saying that as it stands it feels like even taking shields at all is an exercise in futility. You’d be better off allotting that defensive space to more armor instead.


are you suggesting a counter to the counter?


Counter to the counter? Not at all, I’m just suggesting that anti-shield weapons should probably be less effective than they are, or shields be buffed. One or the other (I’d prefer the latter, personally), not both.