No Right wing - republican ministers - WTF?

i start a Australian term and want to select all new ministers … BUt there are NO republican ministers ?? mostly socialist or unionists etc

How do i select a new cabiniet of right wing ministers that aren’t connected to religions ? plus every socialist i sack, my popularity takes a major hit ??? WTF ? I should be able to setup my cabinet without penalty.

This game needs major work to make it realistic.


Don’t fire minister, reshuffle. It’s far more effective.

But there are NO right wing ministers to hire !! no Capitalist ! No republicans ! only conservatives linked to religions (few) ,and MANY socialists unionists or motorists ???\


Ha, this is kinda funny, as I have just literally come here to report that I’ve now totally rewritten the code that assigns ministerial voter group sympathies, to fix this very issue!
In the past the ministers ‘copied’ their opinions from random voters, meaning they were skewed to the current population. I ditched that, and they are now sort-of-random, but obviously still influenced by real-world things, so you get more socialist trade unionists and wealthy capitalists etc.
Anyway… in the next patch, you will find them much more varied…