No sound

Sometimes I can hear FX, sometimes nothing. Any ideas?

There is a sound related issue that is proving evil to track down. I’m hoping to get it fixed tomorrow, even if it involves re-writing the sound engine…

I’m also not getting any Sound FX. The music is playing during battles, but no pew-pew, explosion sounds or the like. No crashes though.

I can hear some effects, during the deployment screen, but as soon as I try to drag a new ship onto the field all sound goes except for the music.

Is this related/ Going to be fixed with the sound re-write?
Does anyone else experience this problem like me?

Probably not related to same issue but the thread title is appropriate…
I’m getting sound fine but only when zoomed in ridiculously close, so for most of the time it seems there are no sound effects.(perhaps this is your problem beserko?) Music and the interface clicks are coming out fine thought.
Edit: The sound seems to persist when you zoom in very close and then back out again.
Edit 2: Nope, can’t get the sound to stay on when zooming out again.

Edit: scratch one problem I remembered wrong or it got updated allready.

Is this still happening?, 1.03 should have fixed these issues.

Got my sound back! Yippie Ki Ya. Had 3 DTD’s today though… Great effort.


I’m using Beta 1.03, and I still have sound issues. I can only hear them sometimes, when I zoom at the max level.

While writing a parse for the game data files, I found this typo:
cruiser_pulselaser.txt line 27:
=soundvolume = 1.0

@ cliffski: My sound was fine up until 1.03, but since the last update I’ve had the exact same bug that lonkero had.