No sound

I’m only getting sounds zoomed all the way in right now. Just noticed, no idea when it started frankly.

I turned off hardware, and it started working. Odd, since at some point it used to work, and I have not changed drivers, etc.

Nothing has changed in the game regarding sound code for months.

It’s possible a security update or other crap fubared my sound somehow. Who knows. Works with hardware off.

It may well be windows update. I can’t remember the exact update, but I know there was one windows ‘update’ that I had to refuse, because whenever I installed it, it would effectively disable my sound card. No idea why or how that happens, but it took me ages to track down why my PC sound had suddenly died :frowning: It might eb worth checking to see the last things windows update patched to see if you have a similar issue.

I have exactly the same problem but turning hardware sounds off doen’t help. It’s really annoying. Any more good ideas how to fix this? My game is bought through Impulse so it’s updated to the newest version.

Updated: Okay, I got the problem fixed. Write to your “execute” tool in Windows (I don’t know it’s proper name in English since my OS is in Finnish) command “dxdiag”. Then go to your sound card sheet. Once there you should see a smaller section named DirectX features and a slider for sound acceleration. Try decreasing it to “basic acceleration”. That worked for me. The higher acceleration level I choose the more bugged game sounds are. I hope you devs can get something out of this and get the problem fixed in the game.

Update2: After more testing I noticed that sound issues are not completely gone even with lowered DirectX acceleration. I was also scrolling through game files and found this from the debugdata folder:
3/2/2010 - 12::55 - ERROR - FMOD[Failed to init FMOD] (58) Error creating hardware sound buffer.
:…\src\GUI_Sounds.cpp 635

What does it mean?