No Space battle sounds


I can get the music, the interface sounds, and the “hum” of the ships during a battle, but there are no blasts shots or explosion sounds.

I’m running Windows 7 with an Audigy card. Strange thing was that when i was running Vista, I was getting those sounds…

Any ideas??


have you checked the options menu…?

Sorted. Needed an updated driver for my sound card on moving from Vista to 7. All tickety-boo now!

This exact same same thing is happening for me, only I’m running XP with the latest SB Audigy drivers (Jan '08). The only way to hear the missing sound effects is by toggling off ‘use hardware’ in the options interface. I’d like to use hardware, since the software drivers skip and crackle with lots of shit exploding on my screen.

Cliffski, please advise; I love this game hard.

I’ve been having a very similar problem, mostly with the crackling. Got an audigy as well w/ xp64. I thought the problem was that my audio card was sharing an IRQ with my video card, but i switched to the motherboard’s onboard sound and had the same thing going on, and i never had the problem in any other game, it’s specific to GSB in my case :frowning: Cliffski mentioned maybe turning the sound channels down in the config file but that didn’t work either :frowning:

I also keep getting a static hum in the background after a battle.

Right, I have many (too many) other games that I run on this particular machine and this is the only one with sound issues.

I updated my sound drivers one more time for good measure and turned off hardware sounds. I’m content - the crackling and skipping appear to have ceased for now. I’m still curious how the hardware sound would fair, but I can live without.