no "stock" stuff

from EVE mod discussion:

pretty much says it all… not having the “standard” equipment around by default would allow modders to create their own equipment without being pushed to the side by it…
some races might have for example only certain types of weapons, rely heavily on only one type of defence, etc… then everyone would just choose the “standard” equipment over the modded content which the race is supposed to have, and which might work differently and/or create certain intentional disadvantages for the race

being able to configure the race such as “hasstockequipment=true/false” would pretty much do it, or something similar

what do you think cliff? :slight_smile:

that’s one way to look at it, it may or may not be possable without a major rewrite of the whole game. IE an update to add that little command to all current Content that is out. as with adding it into the DLC so that new downloads will have that new content.

But as for as a modder this can work out very very well as for new DLC that is put out.

it could just be made so “hasstockequipment=true” is a “default” setting and the equipment is considered to be there if the race config file would NOT have this line at all
if it would contain a “hasstockequipment=false” line,it would remove the stock equipment from that races equip list ingame

well,Cliff mentioned somewhere that this game can basically be modified in every aspect without too much trouble (okay,except obvious stuff like the engine)… im kind of counting on that, that would mean people wouldnt throw stones at me :stuck_out_tongue:

my skills at scripting and/or coding are very limited “at best”… but as i understand it it shouldnt be too hard to implement something like this… correct me if im wrong

No. Its not possible for the same reason is not possible to make a balance mod over the original files. If u make it for personal use, u can do it by yourself but be aware that u will not be able to play online and when clinfski release an update it will overwrite the original files. I suggested in one of my posts to make some modules restricted not only for a race but for a specific hull, so u can make unique ships with unique modules. But this is a suggestion, we wil never know if clinfski will make this update in a future…

What’s not possible? I’m pretty sure cliffski could do it if he was motivated enough.
Or are you saying its not possible to suggest it…? 'Cause Thunderbird already did that…

I think maybe you’re getting this thread mixed up with the modders’ thread that inspired it.

It would be pretty cool if the variable restricted = "racename" could take a little code, along the lines of “racename1+racename2+racename3” or “not_racename”, however.

bumpage - requesting official feedback :stuck_out_tongue:


well,Cliff`s opinion anyway…

multiple races per restriction is something thats pretty easy to add. The thing is, I’m avoiding all stuff like this until the campaign expansion is released, because it keeps getting put back again and again…

if that means that youre going to implement it right after campaign,i still want you to marry me