no VAT in KSA, how to remove it plz?


We do not pay VAT in Saudi Arabia. how can I preorder without VAT!?

VAT rates

Standard rates
No VAT, indirect tax or sales tax exists in Saudi Arabia.

Reduced rates
There is no VAT in Saudi Arabia.
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Regardless of the 5$ VAT, I decided to buy it.
luckily, somehow Paypal did not charge me for VAT. must have detected that my Visa Card is not from EU

BMT Mirco canceled my payment and returned it to PayPal
then I received an email from them saying:
“Unfortunately there are security issues that prevent you from ordering. Please make your purchase using a paysafecard, as that will allow immediate approval.”

the issue is paysafecard is not available in my country.

what kind of online payment service is this!

they finally fixed it, I now own the game :slight_smile: