No violent crime but armed robbery epidemic

I currently have zero crime and zero violent crime, but an epidemic of armed robbery due to inequality.

Something isn’t right here. Either the armed robbery should go down, or violent crime should go up more.

This is true… TBH its too easy right now to beat violent crime.
Although MAYBE they have guns but never actually open fire and are very polite? :smiley:


I will admit I haven’t studied criminology at any level, but is there evidence to suggest that the link between poverty/unemployment and crime is as strong as it is in game? Eliminating poverty in game seems very easy, food stamps and free school meals almost do that on their own and as a result crime as a whole usuallty drops to zero only a couple of turns after eliminating organized crime every game I play.

Yeah, there is a strong correlation between poverty/unemployment and crime at a number of levels.

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So strong that if the UK implemented free school meals and food stamps all crime would be gone? Or is the problem that is it too easy to eliminate poverty in the game?

Yeah, I think the correlation is fine but eliminating poverty currently is probably too trivial.

Compulsory work for the unemployed seems to work a charm too

Its definitely too easy to eliminate poverty, and this will change. I’d also like to add some more effects on crime too. There is evidence that poor air quality and diet affect crime rates, which would be an interesting thing to model. There are also suggestions that inequality leads to crime, regardless of actual poverty.

Also some forms of poor water quality. Like, in the US lead contamination is a big deal isn’t it? - That would have a long term impact on a LOT of things:

  • health
  • healthcare demand
  • lifespan (maybe covered by health)
  • education (reduced academic achievement)
  • poor earnings reduction (both because spending more on health and because poorer outlook)
  • crime (both because higher poverty and directly as a side effect of lead poisoning)
  • pollution
  • reduction in the environment
  • probably adverse effects to farms too

These effects can’t be underestimated.

I think the problem there is that poverty is simulated too simply.

It could be % of people below certain income level.
It would depend on cost of living.