No Working Solution Yet For Unrecognized Mods

A couple people have reported on the forum about mods not being recognized. I was having no issues from when I started playing this game in September up until my game went haywire right before v1.08 when I had to reinstall it (from the original pre-release download site). Now my game works fine, but no matter where I place mod folder and files, they are not being picked up by the program. It has nothing to do with Steam. The mod files are in the same directory as the application.

It’s extremely aggravating and disappointing. There has to be a solution for this. What could be the issue?

Thank you!

Sorry to bump this, but the situation has changed. I updated to the latest version. I’m still not registered with Steam, but I’m having issues with that as well. However, I played with mods without Steam with no problems for over a month.

I put mods in that had installers- Elinor’s two mods. They showed up! But any mods that have to be unzipped or unpacked into the game’s folder are not showing up. I tried placing the folders for the mods in several different directories: in the main directory, >data, and >mods. What is the difference? Am I missing something here? This is very aggravating.

The mod folder goes in the same place as Democracy3.exe. The special file that tells Democracy 3 that a mod is installed has to go in \data\mods.
The game won’t look in a folder unless it sees a file in there, and it reads the path from there…

Thank you for responding Cliffski. That’s where I put them, though. Like I said, I was playing with mods successfully until something went wrong with my game. After updating to v1.08 and getting the program to work again, I am now having this problem. Any mod that has an installer works fine. But any one that I have to unzip or unpack and manually place is not being picked up.

Hi, this is a PC version I assume? It should be on 1.09 now, although I was not aware of any bugs in 1.08 that would explain this.
You definitely have the right files in \program files\democracy3\data\mods
for each installed mod?