Noob needs help beating Tribe fleet

My friend and I have been sending challenges back and forth. We were both doing alright for a while till he tried the Tribe with stacked repair modules. I finally won a cruiser duel when I tried Order nukes and radiation guns. But we moved up to a 15k challenge and I can’t put anything together that can kill his fleet.

How do I do enough damage to the tribe to Kill them before they get in close and cream me with those close range guns?

Do you know roughly what percentage of the ships are fighters, frigates, and cruisers?

He favor’s cruisers heavily, but I’m the one sending the challenge. I’ve been going with order because I’ve been having fun with them. Is that a bad matchup?

I actually think the Order has the best chance against Tribe. Their radiation really seems to screw with the Tribes repair systems, since each repair system can only work on one module at a time, radiation damaging several different modules at once really screws it around.

Try using a lot of high damage guns in combination to radiation. The radiation throws his repair systems out of whack while your heavy damage weapons try to knock out his modules one at a time while repair is down.

That’s what I thought, I guess I just didn’t bring enough radiation guns. I also knocked down the nuke launchers to 1 per cruiser since he likes his guidance scramblers. Rather than go with high damage guns I went with regular Cruiser Laser since it’s mid damage, quick fire rate, and close range. The shield/armor penetration is lacking, but it’s tribe and they don’t have much of either so it seemed like a good decision.

I also upped the stakes to 20k 35 pilots so I could bring two partial fighter squadrons. I gave them the higher damage laser and a rocket launcher and forewent the armor. I told the to escort the middle cruiser but at a long 450 distance so they engage about when rest of the fleet engages. I have 3 savior frigates with nothing but 3 armor, 3 emp2 launchers, and an anti-fighter missile launcher all set to maintain formation behind the cruisers.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

good luck

I’m actually anxious to find out how you do…
Crosses my fingers

If this is the case, you’re better off to either do away with missiles altogether or massively increase the number of them…a small scattering of missiles won’t do much against a fleet with lots of scramblers, but a lot of them will overwhelm pretty much any scrambler-based defence.

As it turns out you are correct. The nukes did nothing and he went from close range guns to all long range missiles, plus heavy on tractor beams for the fighters. The order being as slow as they are my side got decimated. He sent me a challenge with fleet he used. I’ll see what I can do. I’m not ready to write off the order and go back to rebels just yet.

You could always try EMP?
Also, if he’s using lots of long ranged focus, you could try throwing in some Frigates that are fast enough to close in and try shredding him with Ion Cannons.

I had 3 freighters loaded with EMP II launchers. They had no effect. I’m putting something together now with guidance scramblers. I’ll see what kind of Freighters I can build for the retaliation. Can fighers stay out of range of the tractor beam while firing on cruisers if they stay at maximum distance for 2 rocket launchers?

I just completely demolished his retaliation. I think he may have downed a fighter and possibly damaged a module somewhere. The lead ship, a temple, had mostly plasma and anti fighter arsenal. In the back were several plasma frigates and a few lasers. Up front we had the blitzing spirit radiation guns with emps followed by laser crusaders. All the cruisers had a guidance scrambler. Fighters had double rockets.

The first few volleys of multi warhead missiles did negligible damage to the shields. Plasma was picking away bits of shield from the back. When the radiation rush reached the line it was all downhill. The moment the shields went down the lasers just covered his ships with black stuff.

Now the real test is to see if this fleet actually takes him more than one try to beat. Here’s hoping.

God I love Radiation…

Radiation is great. It kinda makes me sad that the Order aren’t a bit more versatile. With the stats as they are on their ships they’re rather pigeonholed it seems.