noob needs help

First off, I want to say that this is a great game. So thanks, Cliff. Now, I’m having trouble getting a good job. It seems the best that I can do is managing to get a job that pays in the mid $20 grand range. Can anyone give me a specific strategy to help me attain some of the higher paying occupations? Thanks everyone.

You probably need to attend some night classes to learn some more skills to open up some new job opportunities. I’ve yet to follow a career path that didn’t require -any- classes. You might want to also think about buying some books to brush up on skills.

Thanks, but I already have done that. Currently, I am a “Sous Chef” (whatever that is), and it pays starting out $37,000. My question is that with these mid-level occupations, what can I do to lower my guy’s stress besides taking a bunch of baths and/or reading meditation books. At the rate my stress is right now, it’s going to take a LONG time to learn any new skill. Suggestions anyone?

Some pets help you relax (I think the dog and fish help you relax, but the cat does not.) Buying a dishwasher and a sleeper bed also decrease the stress you feel.

Riding the bus with an MP3 player helps your commute be less stressful.

The cat and fish help you relax; the dog makes you more fit.