Normally I wouldn't make a thread just for this but...



How can you possibly be so terrible at your own game!

With my perfect well rounded army I managed to decimate your army with 100% of my ships still intact!

I tried to post a screenie but ctrl+prtScrn didn’t work for some reason, should have used the capture button. If you really want I’ll just redo the battle and see if I can do it again.


I’m sure he could design a fleet that would be incredibly unbalanced (stacking fleet for example). Do you really think that’s a good way to encourage new people to play a game by curb stomping them?


well of course but this is just plain sad:

I’m only teasing anyways


Well there’s a bunch of single player battles you can try on the harder modes. Although personally I found some of the ‘expert’ modes were easier than ‘hard’ mode.


I wasn’t looking for a greater challenge really. I was just poking fun at cliffsky for posting a challenge that i handily beat =D


That’s like poking fun at him because you beat a level on normal.


I’m busy bug fixing. Once the game design settles down and I get some sleep, I’m going to thrash all of you!*

*partly because my debug mode lets me inspect your ships and see what modules you have :smiley:



you cheatin’ sonofa!


Quoted for future use. I hope you enjoy eating your words. Perhaps a nice word salad? lol