Norton 360 Premier vs. The Game's Updater

A quick word of warning:
You might want to disable Norton 360 Premier’s Auto-Protect when updating Big Pharma.

If you download the update, it opens to install, then closes with no progress - that’s Norton quarantining the file from your temporary files due to its heuristics.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the update is a virus (just that it looks like one to Norton, even if it displays a UAC prompt) or that you can’t update.

If you don’t want to disable the auto-protect, check Norton’s Recent History, look for the updater, and restore it. Norton will give you a prompt to confirm which will also have a check-box to add an exception, make sure it’s checked and just re-download the update if you don’t want to search through your temporary files for it. The update process should go through just fine this time.