Nose Art

Got the game during the big steam sale. Nicely done.

Any chance decals could be worked into the game? Something where you could put on some nose art on your fighters, maybe some unit designations. I know it could be a can of worms for challenges with IP infringement and offensive material… have some stock decals for that, but allow customization on own computer? An easy interface to customize the skins and add decals would be sweet. Red makes it go faster after all (unless you are the Order).

Also, especially for fighters, could there be crew that you hold one to or pay honor to keep that are ‘Veterans/Aces’ for surviving a battle and/or getting x amount of kills. It would make those escape pods meaningful. Possibly give new re-playability to the solo missions sets - as you try to get Crewman Bob through all of them alive… No stat boost really needed for the recurring crew, but if there is, it could act as the tracking boosters or factor into avoiding hits i suppose?


If you check out the modding portion of the forums you will find that it’s pretty easy (for someone with skillz, not me lol) to make new pictures for spaceships; so you could just take the existing picture for a ship and add your decal in the gimp or photoshop or whatever, then plug the new picture back in.

I really like the pilots idea, but I doubt it will happen. But who knows? In the upcoming gratuitous campaign mode there will already be a pool of pilots that carries over from battle to battle, so while giving them each a distinct identity would be a bunch of work, it’s probably not out of the question if cliffski decides he likes the idea too.