Nostalgia problem

I bought the game a long time ago (Before any DLC was out) and managed to beat it. Since there was nothing else to do back then, I left the game and forgot about it. Since I see that the game has updated and patched I would like to play it again for nostalgia but since I went through several computers and have since lost the email, I can no longer download it. What do I do to get the game back? Or do I need to buy this game again?

If you purchased GSB directly from Positech’s vendor BMT Micro, this stickied post should be of some use. It may be possible that as long as you can remember the email address used in the purchase, and tell cliffski (the game developer) exactly what that former email addy was, you might be able to recover that which you once had. Of course, it is still your responsibility to always keep a duplicate of your game keys in a safe place.

Alright I sent an email to them, hopefully Ill be able to get my key back. Thanks for the help!