[Not a Bug][Bug 1.03] Resource Pathfinding

The ressource pathfinding ist still a bit “odd”

The “fit brakes” stations only pulls ressources from the neares “make brakes” station, ignoring the other ones.
If you delete the closest one, everything get shiftet to the next one.

Tried a stockpile (the single conveyor sticking out) with brakes = 36. it pulled “every now and then” a single brake from the other makers but mostly kept on the “only the closest one”-rule

Yes this is by design. I am planning a researchable tech that allows more intelligent pathfinding to take into account importer and stockpile queues which will do cleverer stuff…

Maybe something like this:
Stations (and makers) pull from closest avaible storage (Maker, Stockpile and Importer)
Stockpiles only pull from Maker and Importer.
If Storage is empty, flag it as not avaible.
Importers have an unlimited storage.

This way, ressources could be stored in Stockpiles locally (where they’re needed).
And (in theory) all makers & stockpiles could be used (if nothing is closer avaible)

Maybe you could then research to increase the frequency (or quantity or both) of the maker/stockpile-pulls.