[Not a Bug][Bug 1.07] Next slot requirements not met!

The stockpile for my Fit Engine filled up leaving no room for a windscreen. I’ve replaced the Fit Engine but this keeps happening. Please look into it. Thanks.

Hi, fit windscreen is part of fit accessories, were you referring to the fit accessories slot instead? Do you have a screenshot? (looks like an image did not attach).

drive.google.com/file/d/0B6DknZ … sp=sharing

To me that somehow looks like Sunnray placed the Fit Engine slot and forgot about the Fit Accessories Slot before proceeding to Electronics.

But even then… shouldn’t it ask for Fit Lights, Horn, Seats before asking for the Windscreen? xD

Hello everybody,

now I understand … and think it’s related to the same topic as in my ‘[Open][Improvement 1.07] incorrect ‘Next slot requirements not met! …’’ posting:

The message means that the next slot (Fit Electronics) requires the task ‘Fit Windscreen’ to be completed first. So at all there is one or more slots missing. Place a ‘Fit Accessories’ slot between the ‘Fit Engine’ slot and the ‘Fit Electronics’ slot and it should do it well.

Kind regards

Aargh, my mistake guys. I moved things around and forgot to put the Fit Accessories back in. Thanks for pointing it out.

Well good… then we can close the case on this one.

… locked …