[Not a Bug][Bug 1.07] stockpiles are not providing the required materials

So it seems the stockpiles are not providing the required materials

Am I missing something?

This is happening with valves too i have lots of stockpiles(all of them are full) and manufacturing but it seems the supply is very is little compared to demand



this looks for me more like a misunderstanding of the game mechanics and is related to the actual discussion of separating resource conyeors/limiting or prioritizing resource importer queues/source priority/manual source selection.
In the mentioned example the Resource Importer is closer to the production slots than the centralized stockpile. So the nearest bay is the Resource Importer.

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Yeah too me too. But I think he will have figured that out by now because it’s almost a month since the thread was posted and he didn’t post anything again.

If there’s a need to re-open the thread let me know by PM.

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