[Not a bug][Bug 1.12] Speed upgrades dont seem to make any difference

Ive completed the research for Faster resources and Faster resource inputs (all levels) But there doesnt seem to be any actual speed difference between the fastest speed upgrade and the normal starting speed. Same story with conveyor belts.

Hey nec-romancer,

there is a speed increase to the Resource Importers but it’s best seen if the Resource Importers have long queues before finishing the related research project. As soon as you have finished the ‘Faster resource imports’ research project the queue should get shorter. This is hard to prove because it requires to investigate your facility for a while with the need to have it run at a constant level and without applying any changes.

Made a test for the speed of a Conveyor (belt). Placed a distance of 40 tiles between a ‘Fit Engine’ and ‘Fit Accessories’ and measured the time.
Without any upgrade a car took araund 40 seconds to pass this track. After finishing the ‘Faster Conveyor’ research project a car needed 34-35 seconds for the same distance. After finishing the ‘High Speed Conveyor Rollers’ research project the time to pass this distance went down to 31 seconds. So there was a speed up.
But: It takes the same time for slot to release the processed vehicle and to get in the next one.

Did the same test for the Resource Conveyors and its related upgrades. Without any upgrades a resource needed 23 s to pass the distance. With the ‘Faster Resources’ upgrade 20 s were needed to pass the 40 tiles and with the ‘Turbo-charged overhead conveyors’ it went down to 17-18 s.

All the times are at normal game speed and may have a tolerance of +/- 1s.
So do I misunderstand your bug report?

Ah, Maybe I just didnt notice any change because the increase is relatively small…
My factory often gets choked up because resources cant get moved fast enough and i thought the speed upgrades would help, But I see the new 1.13 has some route-finding optimization which may improve that so i’ll give it another try and see how things go
Cheers =)

I admit that its is a small difference, and not one you notice that obviously. I am considering increasing the boost effect these have.