[Not a Bug][Improvement 1.11] I can't stop yawning.

The research entry in the tech tree should say “Tyre Manufacture”, not “Tire Manufacture”.

Well tyre is British English… tire is pretty much International English.

That said Cliff is working with some people from the community on the integration of translations anyways… maybe at some point there will be also time for the minor differences between British/American English.

Whoa, you spell it “tire”?


According to Wikipedia both tyre and tire are correct… :smiley:


That said… English isn’t my native language anyways… but I’m more accustomed to American English because it is a lot less bloomy, just the way I am.

I’d honestly never seen it spelt “tire” before, ever. Americans are weird.

American English is purposely weird to distinguish Americans from the British culture and to have a more phonetic spelling.

Why Are British English and American English Different?

“…blame Noah Webster…”