[Not a Bug] Renaming range/variant


I noticed as I was playing that once you rename a new variant/range of a model it changes both variants of a type of car.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or if it simply hasn’t been implemented yet.

If you have two different production lines, where the first line has only Quality Assurance as an “extra” option, and the second line has a bunch of extras and you wanna rename the second line with a new range name, after the first export car of the second line leaves the factory, it changes both the first lines name and the second lines name.

That behaviour is intentional I think.

The game interally treats all variants of a model as the same base model. So if you rename the base model then it renames all instances/variants of it.

This is true. In this case you only have one ‘range’ (the Kontra’) and the various variants of it, are encapsulated with all of the different combinations of features you make available.