Not able to play campaign

I have the Steam version of the game, along with the DLC. When I try to go to the campaign mode a box immediately pops up that says I am unable to log in, and either I am not online, I am behind a firewall, or I have a bad code. My computer is online, according to the game I have a valid code, and as far as I am aware I do not have a firewall.

I am also unable to see the challenges, a blank screen is all I see when I click on that. No error message comes up though.

This happens on both my desktop and laptop. I’ve had a thread down in the GSB Support area for a couple days now but have been unable to resolve this. Any help is appreciated.

It’s almost certainly a firewall, assuming you are using the right code. GSB codes and steam codes are different things, if that helps. If the game has told you the code is valid, then we have to assume its the right one, and some firewall or similar software must be blocking the game.

I bumped a similar thread where you asked for the contents of the debug folder. I sent you an email with mine.

Oddly enough, I got it working by changing my name in the screen where it says valid code and user name. I changed my name to a different one and it worked.