not happy

just brought the came and im not happy…it worked fine then crashed at the end of song…fair enough i see people have had problems…so i re-load the came and decied to download the updates…big mistake now i cant play the game.i select which country i want then it starts to load then a window pops up saying it shutting down due to an error!..any help please will be greatly appreicated
im running it on vista

I had a similar problem in Vista and Cliffski told me it was a problem with the ogg files for the sound. Try deleting the two largest ogg files in the sounds directory of Democracy. It worked for me.

This problem is also fixed (in many cases) by updating sound card drivers.

happy to report that with re-instaling it for ike the 5th time and then removing them sound files all is good in the world!!
many thanks