Not Saving Ship Design

Hi all,

New to the game and loving it so far. Got the Steam version for the Mac. I had designed a new “missile frigate” and saved it. When I purchased some more upgrades I opened up this design and changed a couple of things but the “Save” button turns black when I apply the changes. So, I can’t save the new “Upgraded Missile Frigate”.

Oddly enough, I can make changes to the Cruiser designs that I have earlier saved.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

After you apply the upgrades do you still have enough crew and power to operate the new weapon systems ?
The game will not let you save a “broken” ship design. For example where you have insufficent power to operate the weapons/engines/shields etc

Geeze! I must hang my head in shame for such a newbie mistake!

I will check on my design later. Thanks!!!

Those green and red bars which highlight the crew, power, etc. numbers are your friends. Consult them early and often. :slight_smile: