Now I get it.

Okay, having now fooled around to make a special KABOOM cannon for my own amusement, I can now understand why y’all enjoy modding GSB. It is, in the end, really really satisfying to make something all your own that nonetheless fits into the grand scheme of the game.

Just felt like sharing that. Cheers!

can you share the boom too? :slight_smile:

yes the pleasure to see your weapon tearing apart enemy ships in such a new way your way…

Perhaps when I finish the full package. Cruiser and frigate each have their (almost-balanced, oddly enough) KABOOM; fighters I think need something not just broken, but insanely violating all rules of etiquette and physics.

And somehow three Hammertong cannons seems like the way to go. Mwah hah hah. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the dar… er, modding side of GSB AcePalarum!
If you have any trouble or don’t know exactly what a part of the code does feel free to ask, many people here will have the answers :smiley:

he ofcourse meant “welcome to hell” because now you have to put up with us whiners each wanting a different thing,done good,and if possible done yesterday :smiley:

Good to know there is “peer” support available. Though I tend to figure out what does what by reading the text files and figuring out the logic - it’s good brain exercise. And most of my experimentation tends to be of the “Well, that broke it. Undo it and let’s not do that again” variety. :wink:

Thanks for the warning, but since the stuff I’m working on is primarily for my own amusement, I’m not too worried. If other folks are interested in my schizoid ramblings, that’s great too, but you get it my way, on my schedule. 'Cause that’s the way I roll. :slight_smile: